Airbnb Categories


Design Lead

Creative Direction
Scott Trattner, Eric Grunbaum, Bekah Sirrine, Claire Whigham, Bridget Harris, Nancy King

Core Team
Elly Holdeman, Nick Gelbard, Elizabeth Bassett, Michael Kremer, Paul Wysocan, Benjamin Hinamanu, Ed Vince, Ali McNair, Patric Franz, Chris Thomas, Anna Salazar, Neil Harris, Jan Roeykens, Whitney Mcgraw, Elyse Johnson, Elyse Johnson, Amy Silverman, Helynn Ospina, Ryan Devisser, Jennifer O’Keefe, Mandi Holdorf, Jacqueline Kynoch, Marissa Serritella, Billie Racine, Christa Tilley, Jessica Lo, Mina Pekovic, and many many more.
After two years of lockdown, a hunger emerged for immersive, authentic travel experiences. Airbnb saw this as an opportunity to rethink its product and in May 2022, they introduced - Airbnb Categories.

They categorized their vast inventory of 5 million homes into 55 distinct groups, celebrating the creativity and joy inherent in Airbnb stays.

It allowed Airbnb to authentically introduce its brand to a broader audience while maintaining its core identity.

The campaign ran in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, London, Paris, Marseille, Berlin, Hamburg, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Sydney and Melbourne.


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